question on GRE tunnels

Hi , i have a cisco 2811 router with the following tunnel

int t529

description  connection to Site B
ip address
ip flow ingress
tunnel source fa0/1
tunnel destination
tunnel key 529
tunnel checksum

I added a second 2811 and did HSRP
when it comes to creating the tunnel to site B on this router

source can be the same fa0/1
destination will be the same
what about tunnel IP ? can it be the same ?
Tunnel key will be different ( i.e 530 )

Any inputs would be appreciated... I am not sure about the tunnel IP...
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Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
In this case, the HSRP configuration has nothing to do with the GRE tunnels. They should each source from the physical interface closest to the destination, must have separate IP networks and should use defferent tunnel tunnel keys to keep everything discreet. Because they will run independently of HSRP, you will want to run a routing protocol to ensure connectivity in the event of a failover.
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