Moving a Group Column to a different location


I'm using the reporting services to produce some reports. One of those reports contains a table that has 4 columns, let's call them Col.A, Col.B, Col.C and Col.D

This tables groups data by Col.A.

When I run the report, it dislpays the table columns in the following order from left to right: Col.A, Col.B, Col.C, Col.D

My question now is: How do I change this column display order to be like this: Col.B, Col.C, Col.D, Col.A?

Note that the grouping column is the one I'm trying to shift its location to the end.

Any idea?
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Which reporting tool are you using?

When you save the file what is the extension?

alfardanAuthor Commented:
The reporting tool that comes with Visual Studio 2008, the file extention is *.rdl
I think you just can drag and drop the columns order by grabbing them from the title

What is your Reporting Services version?
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If you are creating your columns on the fly, try changing the order of them in the SELECT clause of your SQL code
The SSRS creates the detail zone and group by zone separately. So now you need add three columns on the left of the group by column. That you can create by right clicking on the group by column and then selecting "Outside group and in the left". Then you need to move or recreate your data columns as per the current details and then remove the older B,C,D columns.
alfardanAuthor Commented:
How to create them on the fly?

Ok, just before I followed your suggestion, (P1.png) shows how I have my data sorted by column name then (P2.png) shows how they are listed when I run the report. Now, after following your suggestion, I got the following  in (P3.png) which is not what I wanted :( Check it please.
As it is shown in P3.png, I think you have added the columns within the group on the left. That is why the data is now grouped by Name, Work & Task Starts. I think that you want to group it by the "Task Start Date". For this you need to add columns outside group and in the left. Doing that will continue with the grouping only on "Task Starts" and in the left of this, you will have the "Name" and "Work" columns (non-grouped).
alfardanAuthor Commented:

No bro, I did add it to the left and OUTSIDE the group (WORK) as you instructed before in your previous comment, and P3.png is what I got.

Also, I wasn't trying or intending to group by (TASK_STARTS)

Try it from your side with some data and you'll see it yourself. That's why I posted my last comments to let you know that I tried your suggested solution but didn't work, and may be you have some other way of doing it. Do you?
alfardanAuthor Commented:
I expected a fast resolution, however I didn't get any until now, so I'm closing this question because I found a work-aruond, which is by creating a view that contcatenates grouped tasks into one cell, by then I won't need any grouping feature to use in this reporting service.

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alfardanAuthor Commented:
See my last comment
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