services - when do they get started (at boot)

do the services get started at the login screen, or after complete start.

for example, in vista, the user is prompted after the boot, are the services running at that time? or only after they login into windows, is the services actually getting loaded?

this is the same for all services? or are there exceptions?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
They get started at many different times.  Basic services to run the machine get started at boot.  Services that depend on the user profile for information have to wait until someone is logged on.  And others only start when they are needed.
Anthony RussoCommented:
I suggest installing Soluto on your machine. Very good program and shows you when everything boots up, and lets you control them.

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This is the (simplified) boot sequence for Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003:
Source: Windows Boot process.

BIOS: performs Power On Self Test (POST)
BIOS: loads MBR from the boot device specified/selected by the BIOS

MBR: contains a small amount of code that reads the partition table, the first partition marked as active is determined to be the system volume
MBR: loads the boot sector from the system volume

BOOT SECTOR: reads the root directory of the system volume at loads NTLDR

NTLDR: reads BOOT.INI from the system volume to determine the boot drive (presenting a menu if more than 1 entry is defined)
NTLDR: loads and executes NTDETECT.COM from the system volume to perform BIOS hardware detection
NTLDR: loads NTOSKRNL.EXE, HAL.DLL, BOOTVID.DLL (and KDCOM.DLL for XP upwards) from the boot (Windows) volume
NTLDR: loads \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM which becomes the system hive HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System
NTLDR: loads drivers flagged as "boot" defined in the system hive, then passes control to NTOSKRNL.EXE

NTOSKRNL.EXE: brings up the loading splash screen and initializes the kernel subsystem
NTOSKRNL.EXE: starts the boot-start drivers and then loads & starts the system-start drivers
NTOSKRNL.EXE: creates the Session Manager process (SMSS.EXE)

SMSS.EXE: runs any programs specified in BootExecute (e.g. AUTOCHK, the native API version of CHKDSK)
SMSS.EXE: processes any delayed move/rename operations from hotfixes/service packs replacing in-use system files
SMSS.EXE: initializes the paging file(s) and the remaining registry hives

** before this step completes, bugchecks will not result in a memory dump as we need a working page file on the boot (Windows) volume **

SMSS.EXE: starts the kernel-mode portion of the Win32 subsystem (WIN32K.SYS)
SMSS.EXE: starts the user-mode portion of the Win32 subsystem (CSRSS.EXE)

WINLOGON.EXE: starts the Local Security Authority (LSASS.EXE)
WINLOGON.EXE: loads the Graphical User Identification and Authentication DLL (MSGINA.DLL by default)
WINLOGON.EXE: displays the logon window
WINLOGON.EXE: starts the services controller (SERVICES.EXE)

*** At This Point Users Can Logon  ***

SERVICES.EXE: starts all services marks as automatic

Or check here for Windows Vista startup process
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