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Displaying Global Variables

In my Delarations Module i have set a Global variable thus:

Global strEventSummary as String

This variable will be shown in various forms and updated with the number of Bookings, Participants, Observers and Confirmed Bookings as varions procedures change these elemenst.  Like taking a new booking, a payment being made (i.e. effects Confirmed Bookings), a cancellation being made etc. etc. All I need to do is change the Global value and as each form is opened the Event Summary is always up-to-date.

In the Bookings form I have a Textbox 'txtEventSummary" with the Control Source = strEventSummary

But this displays an Error saying that the textbox has an "Invalid Control Property"

Can this be resolved?

Also in the Bookings form if a new booking is made I will update the strEvent Summary Global variable but can I just then refresh the display of the txtEventSummary textbox without refreshing the whole form.

Thanks in advance of any help
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