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My email send automatically by itself emails for my contacts in a strange language . i know this is the virus and scanned my PC but i didn't find any virus on my pc ? how my email send emails bu it self if there is no virus on my pc ??

i'm using KasperSky 2012 security .

also my friends face same problem and they used essential security from Microsoft and Nod32

iwe are using hotmail email webpage with out any emails clients.
can any body help me to solve this problem ?
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If you don't use a client then aybe it's not on your actual PC.  Try changing your Hotmail password and see if it continues.
fadyabuzuaiterAuthor Commented:
Ok i will try
Also, Just because you have Anti-Virus installed you could still be infected by some type of malware.  There is a lot of malware that Anti-Virus programs don't detect and take a while before they are able to have an update that can detect it.

Also use some anti-malware programs in addition to your Anti-virus.  You can try this one
I also use combofix too.  Easy to use and finds things the other programs don't find.
for combofix there is a warning that it may cause a problem to your computer, but I haven't run into any problems with it.  Read the instructions.

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I think the problem is that you use a Web based client.  You have virtually no control over what happens within any scripting on the server's website.

If you want free email that you can use with an email client installed on your own local computer, I recommend GMail.  You can set the account (Using POP or IMAP) up so you never have to actually go to the website to use the website email client.  Everything can be done to send and receive emails right on your computer with the email program of your choosing, while HotMail does not offer this as a free option.  See:

About POP and IMAP on GMail

POP, or Post Office Protocol, lets you download messages from Gmail's servers onto your computer so you can access your mail with a program like Microsoft Outlook Express or Thunderbird, even when you aren't connected to the Internet.

POP1 access is free for all Gmail users. However, if you're thinking about using POP we encourage you to consider IMAP, which offers all the benefits listed above plus two-way communication between your web Gmail and your email client.

To learn more, visit these pages:

    * What is IMAP, and what's the difference between IMAP2 and POP?
    * How do I enable POP?
    * How do I configure my mail client?
I'm not sure why you fear scripts on Microsoft's site so much Jim.  I actually think it's safer.  When using a client on your own machine, there's all kinds of potential hidden viruses.  Plus Hotmail's site uses SSL by default, unlike POP/SMTP/IMAP.
I'm not afraid of scripts on Microsoft's site, I just prefer using email clients on my own local machine instead of a Web based client. (Plus I use FireFox with NoScript)  You don't have all the overhead of the web browser, just your email client runs.

In any case, you still need virus and malware protection.  On your local machine, your protection software has immediate access to anything attempting to run from an email even as it downloads and you have the choice not to even download it (Get headers only).  On the web, you must permit scripts to run or the web client won't even function to view your list of mail.

I'm not sure why you like HotMail so much.  There seems to be a problem with this asker's account in spite of SSL since they are not sending the emails in question, yet the emails are being sent.  Sounds like the hidden virus issue you mentioned.
Try changing the Hotmail password. Maybe your password was stolen by an automated procedure.
Vishal VasuDirector & CTOCommented:
Have you shared the hotmail credentials anywhere else on the Internet? are you using the Microsoft Live ID with some other website? Try changing the Hotmail account password and see if this stops. Also, see if you are getting any bounce backs from the emails that are being sent. There are chances that the emails being sent out carry the REPLY TO address as your email ID.
Anuj BhatiaDirectorCommented:
Hey Buddy ,

The issue that you are facing .... is because your machine is Infected .. by Malwares/Spywares... You can download from ...if you are still having issues .. you can download Hitmanpro from

Lemme know if that works for you ..


Anuj Bhatia .

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