Network setup for Solaris 10 08/11 in VMWare Wkstn 8

During installtaion of Solaris 10 in VMWare session, I forgot to select "Networked" radio button. Now I don't have the Network for Internet use.
I am running my guest OS (Solaris 10) on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
In VMWare the Ethernet settings is set for NAT.
I have also installed and VMWare Tools for Solaris and ran the binary. I read in somewhere that it will install"vmxnet0" driver, which I do not see anywhere.

ifconfig -a shows
lo0: flags=2001000849<UP, LOOPBACK, RUNNING, MULTICAST, IPv4, VIRTUAL> mtu 8232 index 1
        inet  netmask  ff000000
I have added Solaris as nodename in /etc/nodename file.
I have also added Solaris as hostname in hostname.vmxnet0 file in /etc
I have touched dhcp.vmxnet0 in /etc
Still no success. Please advice step-by-step how I can set Network interface.

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You probably need to plumb the Solaris interface and bring it up.

You should have an entry for e1000g0 in /dev.

If so you can try plumbing it, bringing it up, and restarting the network/physical service:

# ifconfig e1000g0 plumb
# ifconfig e1000g0 up
# svcadm restart network/physical

I'm not sure, but you may need to restart the dhcpagent process (pkill -HUP dhcpagent).

BTW, vmnet0 is for bridged networking, not NAT.
yajeshAuthor Commented:
By the way, I actually did sys-unconfig, prior to your response posting.
Then I followed your instructions.
I am able to ping the network now.
Much appreciated for your prompt response.

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