How to 3d application vs 2010 Ultimate?

i read some article about 3d wpf application but wpf 3d toolkit we must add reference beefore to develop any application :

there is any alternative to develop 3d app. in vs 2010 wpf ? Also i really want to know why microsoft develop any 3D toolkit in default vs 2010 ultimate not only windows application but also wpf application. Like System.Speech. when will see System.3D in wpf or win, or web?
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richard_hughesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello programmerist

WPF will only work on Windows applications. If you would like to do 3D for web applications, you will need to use either the new HTML canvas tag or perhaps the upcoming SilverLight 5.

There are many other ways of creating 3D applications using Visual Studio 2010. XNA is a really good method, DirectX and also OpenGL.

Below are some links for more information regarding these options:

HTML 5 Canvas:

SilverLight 5:





Richard Hughes
Thriple 3D in your wpf  user interfaces

Perspective - Easy 2D and 3D programming with WPF

Charles Petzold has written a library of basic 3D shapes for WPF that you can find here :
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