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Im tryiing to figure out the best way to provide wireless throughout my entire condo.  I just moved and my new condo is almost 4500sq feet, my cable modem is in my office with my wireless router near the front door.  When trying to stream music or use other wireless devices most of them barley get a signal on other ends of the condo.  Im confused as to what i should do, should i buy a wireless access point or wireless extender.  Im just trying to perform what i think should be a simple task, extend the range of my existing wireless router but when talking to folks at BestBuy etc.. no one seems to have the right answer.  If anyone has any recommendations on what is a great wireless router and a great accessory (extender/repeater) please let me know.  Is it easy to set up once i get the "extender/repeater"?  Im guessing i will have to plug a laptop into extender/repeater and give it an IP on the same subnet, heck , i dunno, HELP....

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Depending on your building material, it would be best to place multiple access points throughout your house (hard to say exactly the number without a site survey). I would count on at least 3 for this size house, 4 if you have concrete/steel in the walls and floors. This of course would require physical cabling to all of the require areas.

***The following scenario is based on the assumption that you will using SOHO Routers like a linksys to dlink. ***

On the first AP, plug in the WAN port to your ISP modem like you would normally and setup your wireless as you see fit. Mimic this same SSID and security settings to all other access points.

Assign all other access points an IP address on the LAN side on the same subnet as your AP but outside of the DHCP range. Turn off DHCP on all other routers except your 1st one. Now you can cable all of them back to the 1st one plugging each of them into LAN ports (No WAN Port should be used on any router except the original). This should allow all APs to be on the same subnet and allow your client to roam between them.

If you experience issues with connectivity being "sticky to particular APs", you can also disable lower speed settings on the APs so that they kick the client off and make it search for a better signal.

ISP---------(WAN) AP 1 (LAN1)------------ (LAN1) AP 2 (DHCP Disabled)
                                 |---(LAN2)------------ (LAN1) AP 3 (DHCP Disabled)
                                 |---(LAN3)------------ (LAN1) AP 4 (DHCP Disabled)
does your current wireless router have external antennas? I would try upgrading them if possible.
orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
Nope, i just have a newer Netgear, the square one, all antenna's are internal, most of the newer wireless routers have internal antennas i believe.
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I would run a long piece of ethernet from your router to the other side of the house and put a second wireless access point. I think you can use the same SSID, password, but choose a different wireless channel. I have not found a wireless repeater that I liked that was priced for 'home use'
orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
Can't run a ethernet cable, everything is marble, maybe a electric convertor to plug ethernet into?
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Powerlime Ethernet does work pretty well I the circuit is isolated well. No wayto know in your condo until you try it.
Getting a wireless extender will help solve your problem. You will need to configure the wireless extender or get the powerline Ethernet as suggested by arrontomosky.

Also have a look at the the video for some ideas:

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