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Issue moving mailboxes from one database to another in Exchange 2007

Hi All,

I have set up an additional Exchange 2007 server onto my Domain and need to migrate all of the existing users around 15 over to the new Exchange database. I have used the 'move' option within the mailbox settings but am getting an error as follows:

Summary: 1 item(s). 0 succeeded, 1 failed.
Elapsed time: 00:46:54


Error was found for <mailbox> ( because: Error occurred in the step: Moving messages. Unable to unlock mailbox with error:
MAPI or an unspecified service provider.
ID no: 00000000-0000-00000000, error code: -1056749254

Exchange Management Shell command attempted:
'<Domain>/<Container>/<Mailbox' | move-mailbox -BadItemLimit '100' -TargetDatabase '<ServerName>\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database' -GlobalCatalog '<ServerName>' -DomainController '<ServerName>'

I am logged on as a Domain Admin, the Domain admin has full access rights, the user I am trying to move has 'allow inherit...' set in security, I have the old Exchange box sat next to the New Exchange Box on the same switch. I have ensure that there are NO limits on the target mailbox store. I have been able to move some users but when I try to move others I get this error. Also I had this error on one user then tried it again and it worked so this looks to be a networking issue to me. I have also tried moving two seperate users with two seperate move wizards running and they both fail at exactly the same time which is why I am guessing it is a network issue.

I have read through various blogs and one in particular suggested to 'dump' as the transfer takes place but no description on how to do this let alone what it actually means.

I have been working on this now for 3 days solid and really need to get a solution.  The worst case scenarion is that I export the users PSTs then move the mailbox configuration settings only to the new server. The problem with this is that I am paranoid about losing emails for my customer. If I go down this route and no-one can help with the original problem can someone give me some guidance on best practice on doing this.

Sorry it is so long a question but I needed to get all the details in...

Thanks in advance


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Hmm basic question and problem have you got same updates on both sides? have you had full udated servers?
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OK let me explain in more detail about the servers.

Server 1 = Old Database Server = W2K3
Server 2 = New Database Server = W2K8 R2

Forest Functional Level = Windows 2003
Domain Functional Level = Windows 2000

The main issue here is that I am experiancing random issues as explained before but I am getting degrees of success which says to me that there is no problem with Domain and or Servers and surely must be something to do with network traffic etc...

One other additional bit of info is that all of the 15 PCs are currently switched on and I assume that they are broadcasting, could this simply be a point that at broadcasting time the network is swamped with traffic?
yes problems becouse of network trafic is posible.
Is ths happening for a single mailbox or for all mailboxes.
If it is for all mailboxes then it may be a database corruption.
If it for a single user, it may be a network issue.

--> 1.Check the latest Updates for NIC drivers.
--> 2. Use exmerge and migrate that mailbox then export mailbox and move it with -configurationonly option and in the end import the mail.
--> If those steps didnt actually work then all you can do is to run eseutil /g (corruption check) - Or "Isinteg -S Servername -Fix - Test All tests.
Hope this will work..
Run this command before you run the import-mailbox command for each user.  

 Add-mailboxpermission -identity <mailbox you are importing to> -accessrights fullaccess -user <who you are logged in as when running the exchange managment shell>
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Hi swap,

I have, using the Exchange Management Console, set the full permission using the full permissions option, is this not the same or does the command line interface work differently? Bearing in mind I have not had to do this with the users mailboxes that have transferred succesfully.
Some solutions:
[1] Have you run the ISINTEG utility against the mailbox store to determine whether any problems exist in the database?
[2] Try moving the mailbox to the same server but a different mailstore. see if that works. Then try moving to the new server.
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Closing this accepting my comment owing to resolving this issue myself