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ISA server

Hi All,

We have a website and can be accessed by internal users via vpn and external users from outsitde network and incoming requests from external users will talk to Bluecoat and then to IIS.

Now we are planing to migrate to ISA server from Bluecoat.

We have hosted website in  server1(xxx.xxx.x.xx) in port 1610 for internal users and for external users in port 1620.



The above sites are working fine via VPN .

We have test server for ISA (server2), as part of testing we have created simulated external environment to see if external user requests are passing thru ISA server or not and we are trying to access the url via simulated external environment and getting message 'This webpage requires to login 'and not allowing to go further.
From application perspective, do I need to configure in IIS anything related to ISA?

ISA server configured for the above site.

How to trouble shoot above issue? I have access to application server but  do not have access to either simulated external environment or ISA server.

Any ideas?

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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
What do you mean ISA is configured for the above site - Access rule? Published? http? https? what authentication method? What provides the DNS? What version of ISA? Which service pack? Is ISA proxy only or Proxy & firewall? What did you see when you run the ISA best practice analyser? What do you get when you view the ISA realtime log monitor?

Loads of ideas but like you, would be just farting in the breeze without any sensible info to work with
dsk1234Author Commented:

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the quick response, I am basically an application developer, from application perspective I have deployed application and working fine.I was told by network admin that he configured ISA server and tried to access the application from simulated external envirornment and getting message 'This webpage requires to login 'and not allowing him to go further.Not sure how he configured ISA serer and sent below log info from ISA server.

log time   dest ip         dest port protocol   action                                 rule                    client ip    

3.22 pm     80       HTTP       Failed connection attempt  samplerule  
3.23 pm     80       HTTP       Initiated connection                           

3.23 pm     80       HTTP       Closed connection                           
3.23 pm     443      HTTP       Initiated connection                            
3.23 pm     443      HTTP       Closed connection                         

From the above log info, I observed both client and dest ip are same.

Guillermo FeijóoSystems administratorCommented:

     Is the isa server configured to test the credentials for the users against a domain controler? It seems that the user credentials are the problem. tell your mate to check it and post a feedback.
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Another expert has jumped on the question so you do not need me to be involved anymore. I'll move on.

dsk1234Author Commented:
The issue is resolved by configuring correct Port in ISA server.
dsk1234Author Commented:
Thank all of you.
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