How is an incremental backup of iTunes to an external hard drive done?

I ran a full backup to my external hard drive last week by copy/paste the iTunes Media folder from my "My Documents" folder to my C:\ of my external hard drive. Im not sure how to do an incremental backup. If I do a copy/paste of the folder again, then I will be doing a full backup again, which takes a very long time to complete. At this point, I want to only backup files that has changed or new files added since last week (incremental backup). How can this be performed?

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Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:
iTunes working copy and paste :D if you eant to incremental backup you need some software i prefer best freee backup Cobinabackup its free an can doo lot of.
I agree. You need software that will check all of the differences between the original backup and the current target folder. If you are doing it manually just as a one shot deal or because you are insane, then backup the library and art folder and add whatever music has been added, obviously by putting the correct folder in the correct place on the backup. This assumes you have only added items to iTunes. Possibility of error = high.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Check Microsoft sync toy. Free and easy to sync stuff from your main drive to an external. No special software needed to restore as it's just file copy. a similar and more powerful tool, but therefore more complicated to use, is syncback. They have a free version that does what you need.
Microsoft Synctoy is the right idea, except it's pretty buggy.  I think a better free option that does the same thing is Syncback (free version):

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