Where did the files in My Pictures go?


I copied the folder My Documents from my old Windows XP machine to an external harddrive.  The Windows XP My Documents folder contained My Pictures and My Music subfolders.

In Windows 7, I opened Windows Explorer, clicked Libraries/Documents, and pasted the entire thing into the Documents folder including the My Pictures and My Music subfolders.

I can't find any of the files that were formerly in My Pictures or My Music.  The default My Pictures and My Music folders were empty.

Any idea what happened?  Where are they now on the Windows 7 harddrive?

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DalTXColtsFan--I hope that the My Pictures and My Music folders and files are still on the XP machine.  Go there and copy the folders to the external drive.  Open them on the external drive, Select All, Copy and then Paste the files into the Win 7 My Pictures and My Music folders on the Win 7 machine.  These folders are separate from the Win 7 My Documents folder.  On my Win 7 PC they are at C:\Users\Username\Music and C:\Users\Username\Pictures
DalTXColtsFanAuthor Commented:
To be clear, I didn't actually copy the My Documents folder, apologies if that makes a difference.

On the XP machine, I OPENED the My Documents folder, did a select all (which included My Pictures and My Music), and copied the whole thing to a folder called MyDocumentsTemp on the external drive.

Then in Windows 7 I opened the MyDocumentsTemp folder, did a select all, Cut, and pasted it into Libraries/Documents.

Now I can't find the files that were in My Pictures or My Music.

Hope that's more clear.
Are you sure the pics are not in the pictures and music folder on the windows 7 machine as oppose to the documents folder.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
look for a 'my pictures' of 'pictures' folder in your documents folder or they may have gone into 'public' documents folder depending upon which is your default save folder
DalTXColtsFanAuthor Commented:
C:\Users\Public\Pictures - not there
C:\Users\daltxcoltsfan\my documents - access denied
c:\users\daltxcoltsfan\my pictures - access denied
C:\Users\jrake\Documents - I can access this but can't click on My Pictures

jcimarron - yes, I do still have the files on my XP machine, but can you help me understand why in the world they all just disappeared?  I mean they've gotta be there somewhere!
DalTXColtsFanAuthor Commented:
substitute c:\users\jrake\documents with c:\users\daltxcoltsfan\documents - sorry about that

I've looked under Public and Administrator and All Users as well and I either see nothing or I see Access Denied.
do you know the Name of one picture? (maybe you renamed it to my house.jpg or something like that?)
then searc for it - it will show where they are

my guess is you did not copy to a folder, but to a library
DalTXColtsFanAuthor Commented:
I did a full-harddrive-search for the pictures and it turned up nothing :(.
and are they on the external drive?
are you SURE you did a COPY - not a MOVE?
DalTXColtsFanAuthor Commented:
The files are still on the external drive.  I definitely did a copy not a move.

Just for the fun of it I tried it again - I selected "My Pictures" and "My Music" from the external drive (just those two folders) and pasted them directly into Libraries/Documents.

I got a message "The pictures in My Pictures will be moved to c:\users\daltxcoltsfan\Pictures - ok?"  I don't remember getting that message before (but that doesn't mean I didn't).  I got a similar message about My Music.

Guess what?  the files are there under Libraries/Documents/Pictures and Libraries/Documents/Music now.  Go figure.  When I go to Libraries/Documents, I have two shortcuts each for My Pictures and My Music.  

One of the links gives me the error message "c:\users\daltxcoltsfan\my pictures is not available - access is denied".  The other gives me the message "c:\users\Public\my pictures is not available - access is denied".

I'm going to go ahead and close this question because my files are where I need them to be now, I have no idea what happened the first time I did what I thought was basically the same operation, but who knows.

Thanks for everyone's input.

yep -  tx to MS wonderful  OS
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