Process.EnterDebugMode() throws an exception

I want to access some properties of processes beyond ID and ProcessName.
I also want to avoid try/catch delays with system-processes (which would throw an exception when I try to access most of their properties).
Calling Process.EnterDebugMode() should settle this issue, if I get it right.
However, when I call Process.EnterDebugMode() I get the following exception-message:
"Not all privileges or groups referenced are assigned to the caller".
This happens despite the fact that I am logged in as an administrator.
What should I do to get Process.EnterDebugMode() to work without throwing this exception?
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Todd GerbertIT ConsultantCommented:
What kind of environment are you in - i.e. which Framework version; Windows Forms, WPF or Console application; ASP.Net Web Application; which operating system, and if Vista or later and UAC is not disabled are you running program elevated?
gabikAuthor Commented:
.NET 4
Windows Forms
Windows 7 64bit (the application is also compiled as 64bit)
UAC not disabled, not running program elevated (to the best of my knowledge)
however it is a full trust application
gabikAuthor Commented:
When running the program "as administrator" it all works fine.
gabikAuthor Commented:
Of course the program should have been run elevated!
I should have thought of it by myself, but obviously I did not :)
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