VLC Will Not Launch On Ubuntu 10.4 / Back | Track5

Okay this one is throwing me for a loop. I have installed VLC media player on Ubuntu 10.4 / Back | Track5 but it will not launch. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, tried running it from the terminal and the quick launch icon, as well as by associating a file with it and double-clicking the file. Nothing has worked thus far. I use this machine to learn Back | Track and have many .flv files that I need to view. The only troubleshooting info I found is the following but it applies to Mac:

VLC does not launch on my Mac anymore. What to do?

    Please have a look at the specific FAQ, which covers multiple solutions to this issue.

Error Messages

Error messages can be viewed by selecting Messages from the Tools menu.
main private error: no sout mux module matched "ts"

    This can be an error if libdvbpsi was not installed when vlc was compiled. To fix this error, install libdvbpsi; then re-compile vlc. libdvbpsi

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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The problem is that backtrack is run as root, and VLC won't run as root. Create another user, logon as that user and then run VLC.

If you want to learn backtrack it is probably better and easier to install as a Virtual Machine within VMware Player (free), or Oracle's Virtualbox (also free). You can then run BT simultaneously with your normal OS, run all those multimedia things in that OS, and then test your things in the VM.


Backtrack even used to offer VM's for download so you wouldn't have to run the installation, but I'm not sure whether that is still so.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Hello BoxunloX, you say you tried starting vlc from a terminal. When you start it that way, it is sending (debug) output to the terminal window. You must be getting some error message, what is it? How did you install it btw, through a package manager or otherwise?
BoxunloXAuthor Commented:
That was it exactly. VLC won't run as root.
BoxunloXAuthor Commented:
Thanks to gerwinjansen as well for the quick response!
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