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I configured ASA 8.2(2) as SSL VPN gateway; SSL VPN Clientless. After the successful authentication of user a URLs in specific bookmark list of correct group policy are listed, some are inactive (access denied) and others are active, but also the active URLs when I click on it gives me an error message "connection failed: access to this resource is denied".

Therefore what is the problem?

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Y-ITAuthor Commented:
thank you archmuk. but It solved the issue was in Web ACL.

Pl check the firewall logs pertaining to the access through SSL VPN.
For a particular access, check what is the IP taken by the connecting client. Check if this IP has access to that particular resources? Probably not, thats why you are getting the access denied message.
Y-ITAuthor Commented:
i made a mistake in web ACL configuration.
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