Pop account rejected for a specific user

Hi Experts,

From an Outlook client 2010 we try to setup a user with a pop account, this work perfectly for all users excepted one specific account.
The error message is "error logon failure: unknown user name or bad password", we are sure of the user name we already try on IMAP account
Our server is an exchange 2003

Thx by advance for your answer
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Have you tried rebooting server(s) with Echange?  

I have run into this recently with GMail, but after rebooting, (and setting up via Chrome rather than IE) the settings stuck (Settings in Gmail account which permitted POP to be used).

And I only had it with one pop account, none of the others, so I was fortunate to be able to slide by with a reboot and reset up the account in Outlook and it connected properly afterward and forward mail.
CalvinGEAuthor Commented:
Hi Guru,

I juste try to reboot the server but still no change, this account is still password/user rejected
What abt Password, As you said im sure of username.
The error says that the password or username are incorrect.
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I'm sure you can delete the Temp files via a internet GP in GPO...
CalvinGEAuthor Commented:
Hi waynesysop,

You means the temps file in the exchange server ? if yes to you have the path ?
Em ManCommented:
is his mailbox name and alias name are the same?
CalvinGEAuthor Commented:
Hi taga_ipil,

The problem is resolved by entering the same alias as the mailbox Fisrt name dash "-" last name the alias was only fist space last, however the other accounts wors perfectly with this difference...

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Em ManCommented:
nice... good to hear.

When naming in Exchange I rarely use a "-" actually none at all. hehehe

I always use first letter of the firstname followed by lastname or
fullname separate by dot. I'm not comfortable having "-" as part of the naming convention.

Weird things happen everyday in IT. hehehe
CalvinGEAuthor Commented:
In fact we have multiple clients on the same server with different conventions, anyway, now I understand well, the login is based on the alias (this was unclear for me).
I think I can close this request...
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