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Mac connecting to Windows Server 2008 environment


We have just rolled out a new Windows 2008 network environment. We want to connect a Mac to this environment but we are having problems.

1) We have just made standard shares within 2008, is there something we have to do to share them to work well with Mac.

2) IS there something we need to do on the Mac to make then more easily read?

3) IS is possible to permantely mount particular shares (e.g. as if the mac user is mounting a particular user accounts folders - e.g. as if they are login into their domain account?

The actual problem we are having on the map is that it just permanently says connection to smb:// IP Address / hostname (tried both).

But we did have it connected once I believe but when exploring it seemed to drop.

Any input greatly appreciated. Meant to be going live in the morning.
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