How Burn CG+G files to CD ?

I have a bunch of Karaoke CDG & matching MP3 files. I can;t seem to successfully get a burned CD that works on my Karaoke machine. Can anyone recommend a SW or any pitfalls to watch out for? MAC or WINDOWS, I have both.
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PapertripConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Audiograbber works 
along with the Audiograbber MP3 encoder plug-in.
When it comes to plying them, you need to know that different players handle different situations.  Some want to have an .mp3 as well as a identically named .cdg to go with each one.  Some players will let you put the .mp3 and .cdg into a .zip file and play those as a pair, making it easier to keep them together.

WinAmp can be customized with plug-ins for karaoke. VirtualDJ can play the .mp3 .cdg pairs as well as the pairs of them in .zip files.
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