Cisco 28XX CME Webpn

I'm new to the 28XX series routers and am interested in exploring several of the new features Cisco offers with it.  It seems that the router comes in "bundles" offering things like advanced security, cme, etc.  My question is: what setup I should purchase to get the following:

1) FXO/FXS modules for practicing for the cisco voice certifications.
2) Webvpn connectivity to connect some of the newer cisco ip phones with vpn and to connect via webvpn.
3) CME in order to have a phone system.
4) What do I need to later on upgrade to Unity VM
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manu4uConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your Budget supports, go for Cisco 2821 ....

And you have the comparison here, just for your reference

And supporting Interfaces and Modules

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