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I've got several servers all of which are powered by a HP RT3000 UPS with an integrated management module.  I have the HP UPS Power Management Agent installed on each server and whenever we have a power event like a blip in the supply, everything keeps running and all the servers popup with a message saying "shutting down in 15 minutes".  The power comes back a fraction of a second later and the shutdown is cancelled.  All Good.

But, how do I control the order the servers shutdown in.  On the UPS Management Module under attached devices I have my 4 servers (2 DCs, 1 Exchange, 1 File) and have shutdown OS times for each (2 mins for DCs, 5 mins for Exchange, 1 min for File).  On the Power Faill screen they all are in Load Segment 1 and have a time of 15 mins, which is what comes up in a power event.

How though do I tell it to shutdown the Exchange server first after say 10mins, then 5 mins later shutdown the DCs 1 at a time with a minute gap?  Can't see how to do this.


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I don't think you can do what you want with all servers on the same load segment. The manual at http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c00700333/c00700333.pdf talks about configuring different shutdown delays for the management load segment all other load segments, but that would require your DC with HP power manager to be on a different load segment.

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manic_andyAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  In the end I ended up doing something similar and just moving my management servers agent to my development system UPS even though its powered by my live UPS.  This way I can kick in the agent shutdown for that earlier, so the SDscript comes in sooner too and will start the shutdown of the VMs I need.

For the DCs/Exchange, I just moved them to different load segmants on the UPS config (they are spread across them both on the UPS anyway) and set the timers different.  So now my main exchange and 2 DC shutdown first, then 5 minutes later my last DC (and legacy exchange) which is also my primary DNS will shutdown.  Should work OK I guess now.

Thanks anyway guys.
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