WordPress - Function to delete comments if url present?

I have my wordpress comments section set up so that there is no input box for the commenter's website.

So I know, for sure, that if there is a value for 'url' in a comment - it's spam, some bot or something.

Is there a way to add something (to functions.php perhaps?) that will delete or otherwise ignore comments if they contain a value for 'url'?

I realize this will not get rid of someone putting a url in the main body of the comment. That's ok. I just know it's a bot though if there is a url value, so those can be gotten rid of without any human review.

Thanks for any thoughts on how to do this,

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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Go to Settings | Discussion and look for comment moderation.  There, you just set WordPress to hold a comment in the queue if it has one or more links.

It would be better to use Akismet, which is far more effective than doing what are trying to do.
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