What Is The Process Of Converting A Portable Program/Application Into An Installed Program/Application?

Hello. I have a question to ask you.  

What is the process of making a portable program/application into an installed program/application?

I am totally new to this process and I like to know the process. I am willing to learn. I have heard EE experts here on this EE Forum and other forums state that they have done this often with satisfactory results.

What I need to know:

1. I need to know and be able to understand the principles and methodology of this process? Any good website link(s) that provide a good explanation and instruction you can recommend?

2. I also need to know if any third party programs/applications (free or paid) are necessary to the modifying or changing installed files so they are portable files? Which third party applications (free or paid) are available to use and what do you recommend if you know more than one? What is the best one(s)?

3. Are there any legal or copyright infringement, or EULA (End User License Agreement) issues associated with this for one's own personal use or not? Please explain.

Please provide your own detailed steps with suggestions, hints, and tips; and/or the best possible  well written, detailed and documented website links hopefully with images and demonstrations along with the instructions.

NOTE: Obviously your asking what operating system are we dealing with. Answer: This applies to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. If some of you think you have seen this question before by me. Actually, you have. This question/thread is actually the converse of the question/thread I have previously asked

Please reply.

Thank you!
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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
You can't as there is no installer for the program, you could put it in your program files directory and adding a shortcut to the desktop and start menu but it will still be a portable application
There are tools available to do that will detailed instructions:

Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
"What is the process of making a portable program/application into an installed program/application?"

There is no need since it already runs.
Free Tool: SSL Checker

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
And just how is smart installer or NSIS or installshield going to strip out the cameyo or vmware thinapp part of the .exe? and how is the normal user going to know what to put in the registry settings?
@ve3ofa: he can write a .reg script to insert the registry entries, include it in the setup, and make the script run upon installation or ask the user to run it before the first use.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
@viralpatel:  and just where is he supposed to get this .reg script from? BTW I tried smart installer with a cameyo, thinapp and portable apps .exe they all crashed and burned
portable app: brutal chess
Thinapp: foxit reader
cameyo: adobe reader X
RegulaOneAuthor Commented:
@ ve3ofa, viralypatel, and DaveBaldwin:

Hello. Nice to see you ve3ofa and DaveBaldwin again. Nice to meet you viralypatel!

I first want to say 'thank you' to viralypatel for your comment with an answer and solution as an attempt. I see ve3ofa has been in contention with viralypatel's continued comments and suggestions to ve3ofa's comments. Reviewing the comments, on the conclusion of ve3ofa's last comment's definitive personal testing schema proved invalid providing detailed results with viralypatel's answer and solution per ve3ofa regardless if I were to conduct *MY OWN* personal testing. …and ve3ofa is much more 'experienced' with 'knowledge' exceeding my own personal understanding in this particular area and drawing even more questions with issues than ve3ofa has experienced.  

In addition to my negative conclusion that can be extracted from the paragraph above, I also found contrary to viralypatel's comment's recommendation of SMInstall.com was determined by reputable Symantec  Norton Internet Security 2011 that SMInstall.com's "trial download" program .EXE setup installer file as being "a threat". Please see the attachment screen clipping that follows in this comment. Yet, I check out the Symantec website regarding this very threat and it seems "Safe". What contradictory information! See website: http://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=http://www.sminstall.com/simsetup.exe

Anyways, regardless of Symantec's formal response; I see viralypatel never replied back as a counter comment to ve3ofa's last comment I was wishing for and that is why I have waited to reply and evaluate this question/thread. From the written dialogue and what I said above already, I have to agree with ve3ofa.

Now that I just stated. What about an answer and solution to this question/thread? Answer: ve3ofa's first comment where ve3ofa states, "You can't as there is no installer for the program, you could put it in your program files directory and adding a shortcut to the desktop and start menu but it will still be a portable application ".  Now, not the answer and solution I desire to hear from others. However, I will have to accept it from given comments since I personally do not know any answer and solution for this question/thread.  

DaveBaldwin's comment is true; however I was just trying to find a means or way in order to get a portable application/program installed, not just to "run" that happens regardless if it is portable or installed.      

I am now going to award points:
ve3ofa will get the full 500 points and the "Accepted Solution" for ve3ofa's first comment.

Thank you all for your help!!!
RegulaOneAuthor Commented:
@ ve3ofa, viralypatel, DaveBaldwin:

Hello again. I am sorry!

Here is that missing screen clipping I said I would include in my previous comment.

Again, sorry!  
 SMInstall.com - Detected Thread Screen Clipping Image
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You may never be able to get some of these things to run while you have Norton installed.  It is not a particularly developer-friendly anti-virus because it wants to limit you to the things that everyday users would do.  And writing code that would access Windows functions probably isn't one of those things.
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