Exchange 2003 Client Connection Issue

Have two Windows 2003 Servers: server 1 (PDC and file Server), Exchange (BDC and exchange server).  I was forced to promote the exchange server and perform dcpromo on server1.

Now Outlook can not connect to the exchange server.  OWA works fine, re-applied Exchange SP, rebooted, exchange looks fine.
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Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Is the Global Catalog role enabled for your newly promoted exchange server? What's the error message you are getting while accessing outlook?
gcamusAuthor Commented:
Yes it is.

Error:  Your Microsoft exchange server is not available  "Retry, Work Offline, Cancel" Buttons.
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Are you using cached exchange mode? if linkage with the ost have failed, then you may want to use Start>Run outlook.exe /resetfolders. Also try if your not using cached exchanged, to goto tools, email accounts, view or change existing, goto the exchange server advanced and choose to disable offline usage. Also when you have outlook with the retry work offline option, Hold ctrl and right click outlook icon by the clock and look at connection status.

Use the mail applet in the control panel to define/delete mail account information and see whether it works.
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This sounds like a client issue rather than a server issue.

I agree with radhakrishnan2007, and would add:
- Make sure your client machine hasn't fallen/removed from the domain.
- Delete and re-create the client machines mail profile
gcamusAuthor Commented:
It is definitely not the mail profile, I checked that already.   This is happening on all workstations and they can see files on both servers and the drives map fine.
Thats a bit different. Your OP didn't mention that it was all Outlook clients.

This looks like a similar issue:

Problem fixed!

You were right. It had something to do with the list of DCs that Outlook can talk too. By default, each of them are in «auto config». I simply removed each DC from the list and put them back again after unchecking «automatically discover servers» These are now manually configured.

So here what i have done:

    In the Exchange System Manager, under first administrative groups,  go the properties page of the mailserver.
    Click on the directory access tab.
    Take a look at the «automatically discover servers» option. By default, this checkbox is greyed out and you need to remove this option. There is also the word «Auto» under «Type» column in each DC's row.
     Click on the drop down menu and select «Configuration domain controller»
    Uncheck «automatically discover servers» Following this and the warning message,  The list will be left empty so you need to manually re-enter the DC (or DC's) that was previously appearing in the list
    Using the same drop down menu, Repeat the same procedure for  «Domain controllers»  and «Global catalog servers»
    At the end, under «All domain controllers» drop down menu, you will be left with the same list of DC's but the «Auto» config will no longer show.
    Repeat the above procedure for each mailservers of the organization.

Non-destructive so worth a shot.
gcamusAuthor Commented:
Nope, not that easy. Sorry.
gcamusAuthor Commented:
FYI: I just tried to create a new user with a mailbox, the user was created with no errors but If I go into Exchange MC there is no such mailbox.  The properties of the user are all there, the exchange tabs are there as well.  I think we have an exchange to AD issue.  How do we fix?
Does dcdiag give you anything useful?
What server was the new user created on? If it was the DC, not the exchange server, you might want to check the replication between servers using replmon, or check the event logs for replication and journal errors.

Did you rebuild the DC? If so, did you use a rescue disk to import the security settings? (Was it a clean install, or a recovery install?)
gcamusAuthor Commented:
Exchange is the only DC now

Server1 is just a member now.
Is the old DC listed in AD sites and services? Were the FSMO roles migrated to the exchange server?
BTW, do the workstations use DHCP, or do they have static IP addresses?

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gcamusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.
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