ipsec services for windows 2003

Can someone tell me what is the purpose of IPSEC Services within services? For some reason when I reboot my server, I can't ping the server and the server can't ping anyone on the local network. I checked the event log and it tells to disable IPSEC SERVICES than I was able to connect to server and server can ping local computer. Everything looks fine with it being disable. Can i leave it disable?

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Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Also,Check the widows firewall is causing this issue. Stop and disable windows firewall and see the outcome.
Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:
Yes you can disable it. The main purpose of IPSEC is the Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) feature in Windows Server 2003 was not designed as a full-featured host-based firewall. It was designed to provide basic permit and block filtering using address, protocol and port information in network packets. IPsec was also designed as an administrative tool to enhance the security of communications in a way that is transparent to the programs. Because of this, it provides traffic filtering that is necessary to negotiate security for IPsec transport mode or IPsec tunnel mode, primarily for intranet environments where machine trust was available from the Kerberos service or for specific paths across the Internet where public key infrastructure (PKI) digital certificates can be used.

I hope you are not using VPN via firewall (site to site), If not, You can remove the ipsec service.

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IPSEC - Manages IP security policy

It wont effect connectivity if u disable by may impact the security.

 Read more about IPSEC here :
Hi, is your server patched?. as i remember this issue was resolved after patching server. you can search with error also on google and apply patch. do paste your warning/error.

No need to disable IPsec it protection.
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