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I have configured my work email in my iphone and laptop and the issue here is when I read emails from iphone, sometimes I forgot to reply emails when I use my laptop. Is there a chance always my email status should be unread when I read from mobile, so that I know I have to reply for such emails
Please help me on this

Jinesh Kumar KochathSr. IT Manager (Middle East & South East Asia)Asked:
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I used to have the same problem. What i do is mark the message back as unread when i view it on my mobile, so that when i open the mailbox again, i don't over look it.

There is no setting that would allow you to leave them as unread by default when viewing it on mobile, unless u explicitly mark them unread again.
Jinesh Kumar KochathSr. IT Manager (Middle East & South East Asia)Author Commented:
Manually marking as unread I also used to do. I am checking is there any rule or settings we can do so that this task can be automated
nope there isn't .... tried everything possible but nothing worked.
Task cannot be automated
Yes as said above there is no way, only mark as unread option is..
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