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Hi Experts,

I have now read all articles about almost all home media players that has been made. But now i was hoping for some help to choose.

I have projector that is hocked up to my computer at home, using Boxee software. The boxee software is only to get it visually overview of the content so we can pick between the movies.

I love the boxee software, but i'm not that impressed with the boxee box, because of missing build in harddisk and the price.

And i need a media player for my flat screen, that are visually good like the boxee software. I'm thinking of the way boxee is using posters to show the content whether it is tv series or movies.

If possible is should also be able to play as large MKV files as possible, and handle subtitle files embedded in the mkv files or loose subtitle files.

And as many of you may know, sometimes it is good if you can control subtitle delays :-)

I'm don't care about streaming movies, but it would be nice if it has wifi, else it most be had for the software to get movie posters, for my files :-)

Can anyone help me pick a player
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Ok well from looking around at the reviews I believe that is a good hit
check them out
ASRock 330 loves XBMC + Ubuntu! (And MythTV & boxee too!)
Hi, have you considered XBMC? Xbox media center?
Sticking within windows types will also give or should give those posters.
The new inovations are coming fast and it may be prudent to hold off a little and do some real browsing
Like take this new Sony TV launch
The tv will seamlessly move from tv content, channels to streaming tv, social networking sites and the web in general.
Google TV set top box
Google TV vs. Apple TV vs. Roku: Set-Top Box
here's a list fo similar boxee types for your consideration and ideas
Netflix not available in Australia
Iomega Media box

I could go on and on but not all of these cover what you want however it's fun browsing new technology but can we keep up, i feel as though we get a new toy and it's outdated just as fast.
have fun
DCRAPACCESSAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete, i'm not looking for any TV box. But think i have found the rigth solution for me "xtreamer ultra".

This mini computer runs Linux, so i can install any media center also Boxee :-)

It has 4gb ram and can get wifi if needed. It can read from both external harddrive and you can insert a internal harddrive :-)

Any comments on this product?
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I didnt know you were looking for HTPC that's a bit different
Some of the links I posted have similar The Google TV Box is one
Might be worth looking into the reviews of it first.
On previous versions Xtreamer there was a lot of bugs and complaints about the lack of customer service..Billing was all over the place. And a waste of money only because half of the software didnt work
This is still new technology but is definately a big hit with high prospects.
Exactly what is a Linux HTPC?
HTPC(Home-theater PC) Setup ( home built)
Hope that assists you
DCRAPACCESSAuthor Commented:
thanks, maybe the ASROCK ION 3D is a better solution. I belive they have decent customer  service?

But is has only 2gb ram.

If i install UBUNTU and XMBC, on the ASROCK ION 3D, would it then be able to run smoothly enough?

I'm also thinking large MKV files.

Hopefully this discussion can help other users to choose the right product.
DCRAPACCESSAuthor Commented:
All i needed to decide :-)
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