Can I Export a Report/List of Users/Mailboxes from MDaemon Email Server

Dear All,

I have taken over at a site that currently uses Mdaemon as a mail server with World Client as the user interface.

Can anybody tell me if there is a way to produce/export a report from Mdaemon that will list the users/mailboxes and also give details of the email addresses?

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Hii you can do that, check QUEUE PAGE in this site. This may help a bit
Angelina MathewOnline Marketing SpecialistCommented:
MDaemon has no option to export data from MDaemon. If you have installed MDaemon in your machine then simply go with c drive where you can see the MDaemon folder, all the data of MDaemon stores in that folder:
From here you can get all the data of MDaemon like Address Book, Notes, Journal, Mails, etc. after having MDaemon data you can import them to Outlook: read for more details:
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