Access timer error

I have an app that has a timer and it runs overnight. I get an error "Network access was interrupted" (see attached image). How can I code around this to stop the application crashing?
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Alternatively, if you have a file on your network drive such as the back-end of your database that should always be there, you *may* be able to apply a test like this to determine if the network connection is available before executing any code that requires a connection:

If Dir("s:\YourFolder\YourDB_Backend.accdb") & "" = "" Then
     ' Network is down
      Exit Sub ' Or Exit Function
End if   

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(Typical disclaimer for editing the registry applies here... I do not endorse it, make a back up first, etc... :-)



was f (15) changed it to FFFFFFFF (4294967295)
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HKFueyAuthor Commented:
Hi Mbizup,
I'm going to try your suggestion, if it runs OK overnight you get the points!
HKFueyAuthor Commented:
It has run reliably now for a fortnight! mbizup you are Fab!!
Glad that's worked out for you :)
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