Forefront TMG (strange) behavior on Site-to-Site VPN


I'm having a weird problem on my Forefront TMG firewall. When I activate my Site-to-Site VPN from the office ( to the External Interface ( of my Forefront TMG machine I cannot access the external interface anymore. We work with Outlook Anywhere and thats bound to the external interface of the TMG. I can ping and access the internal devices behind the Forefront TMG server but when I try to access the IP on the external interface it doesn't respond. When I disable the Network "Site-to-Site Branch VPN" the connection is restored.

Am I doing something wrong with routing or is this by design?


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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
It would only be by design if the Anywhere service is on the ip address range that you have associated with the VPN.
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