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Our school is debating issues with apps like Diigo and Delicious, I would like more input the questions bookmarking tools like Diigo and Delicious where you install a toolbar or a button on a toolbar for a single click post of a link to a cloud-based site.... do you consider these to be a big security risk? Why or why not?  (   If students don't have administrator rights on their computers OR roaming profiles, what do you think would be the best way to use a service like this or to save a list of bookmarks?

   How about Dropbox? Big network security risk?  Do you have any idea how schools are assessing those types of risks?  Are there other resources that may tell how other schools are dealing with this question.
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If you have any sort of private information dropbox is a terrible idea. you can sync with your iphone for the love of god and kids would be able to do all sorts of things.

everything is depending on the type of information they have in their profiles. I would always air on the side of caution and block all that as you will never know how they will be used.
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Helped, thank you
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