Hi i  need to remote into my pc at work via my ipad 2.

Is there a app that will allow me do to this

Thank you
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teamviewer and logmein are the best
teamviewer is for free

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I use Mocha RDP lite from my iphone. Its free
happyexchangeAuthor Commented:
Ho do i get remote into my pc at wor using teamviewer.  Ive created a account.

Its asking for my partners ID

Thank you
You need to install the teamviewer client onto your PC (I assume it is Windows) AMD log in with your account and allow the PC to accept connections.  This will give you the Partner ID bit will also allow youth connect without memorizing the number.
Have you tried Mocha it works well just like the windows built in thing.  I think you might need team viewer installed on the target machine.
@happyexchange have you managed okay?
Use Wyse PocketCloud Pro ,


Very powerful and contains : VM View, VNC and also Remote desktop support
Download App from Itunes for Teamviewer and install the same on your pc.
once you install on your pc you will get an ID.
Put this ID and password in you installed app in you ipad 2. once the connection is established you will be able to remote controll your house pc.

For TeamViewer the free version of it. what I know

That you or a friend needs to be sitting there and gernerate password, the you use the User ID and password from your Ipad or a PC to conenct remotely.

However, it will keep disconecting every around 15 minutes as I have tested this on PCs and you may require generate new password.

So I do not think it is so effective with Free version of it.

I believe Log me in is better as far as I have tested it before on PCs. but I do not experiences it on IPAD or Iphone

happyexchangeAuthor Commented:
Logged on thank you
which one did u use and how is the experience?
@moon i will have a guess and say teamviewer, as it is a cracking little program :)
I prefer Teamviewer over Pocketcloud.  You can connect to multiple PCs (only 1 at a time) with your account and the interface moves more smoothly.  

PocketCloud only allows 1 PC per free account.
happyexchangeAuthor Commented:
I used team viewer. Only problem it keeps logging me out after twenty min

What about ITAP RDP
i do not know much about ITAP RDP but my next best bet would be logmein

tje ITAP RDP it is not free if i am correct. If you thinking of paying you might as well pay a bit extra and get logmein.

Remember that most of the time you get what you pay for.
zzynxSr. Software engineerCommented:
>> I used team viewer. Only problem it keeps logging me out after twenty min
I never experienced this behaviour myself.
Are you sure it's not your internet connection that fails after 20 min?

An alternative (paying) solution can be found @ (imo for the iPad it's even better than TeamViewer)
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