Browser or server cache?


I am working on 2.0 using C#

on my website and on special offer page, when it loads pop up comes with list of countries.

This list of countries is the user control

When I put the link on address bar of my browser, then popup doesn't comes, but If I refresh the page pop up comes with country list

I have added meta tag on master file to expire page but it doesn't help

Can you please help me fixing the issue.


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Some code might be helpful to fully understand the issue, but the first thing I thought of reading your post is that some aspect of building the session for the site is creating a condition that prevents the popup from displaying. I'm also wondering if this is an Ajax-based popup, which could introduce a few other unknowns into the problem.

Again, a post of your code might prove very helpful.

Hello  tia_kamakshi

There are a few reasons this could be happening. Is this user control put on the page during the first Page_Load? Is there some JavaScript that is stopping the countries list appearing a 2nd time?

As OklahomaDave has suggested, perhaps if you post the relevant code we could give a more specific answer for you.


Richard Hughes
tia_kamakshiAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, there is a session involved to check if country is already there in session then do not bring the pop up

and jquery is used to call the control. Its comming like model screen (ajax)

It is hard to put the code as the code is bit complicated and its hard to paste the code. It is difficult to find which code to paste.

I am also new to the application as this is a support project.

Please advice.

Thanks again
Well, tia_kamakshi, I think what we're suggesting right now is that it's difficult for us to be more specific with our help if we can't see some code....
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