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Active Directory Problem Windows Server 2008

A vague title for a vague problem.

We're having numerous issues with a group of accounts within specific OUs. The OUs within a parent OU and users accounts withn these are not working properly. There are no special group policies applied to the parent OU, but the OUs within it have two policies applied: a log on script and a folder redirection. These GPOs are almost identicial to GPOs used on other OUs throughout the organisation and have we had no problems with them.

Amongst the problems we are having with the accounts are:

No printer getting deployed (GPO higher in AD)
Roaming Profiles not getting updated properly (copying of profiles to server on log off breaks off part way through leaving only a few files on the server)
GPOs not working properly.
Third party software that retrieves information from AD not working properly

I've tried moving the accounts to a GPO free container and it didn't make any difference. The problem with this is that I don't know where to begin looking for problems, or what diagnostic tests I can do.

Any ideas?

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