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Managing Multiple Mailboxes office 2007

My question is not how to add multiple mail boxes to outlook 2007 but rather how to enable them to be listed independently as they do in 2010 (Each having its own set of associated folders)?
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1 Solution
Goto Tools-> Account Settings -> New
Follow the wizard and add your account.

Detailed steps here : http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/add-or-remove-an-e-mail-account-HA001231634.aspx

To add multiple mailboxes to your outlook, do this,

1- Go to Tools - Email Accounts

2- Do change / view  exisitng email accounts  (not new) as it is supposed that your own account is already created and you need to add more mailboxes to it

3- Click change
4- More settings
5- Advanced Tab
Under Mailboxes: Add the Mailboxes by typing the name

Note: you need to have Full access permission to the new mailboxes in order to view them

Now, in you outlook you will see additonal folders under your mailbox main one

check this link http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microsoft/outlook/add-additional-mailbox-to-outlook-2007/ (For GUI instatruction if the above is not clear - as I have done the above on outlook 2003 as I do not have 2007)

In case you need this (Considering your exchange server is 2007)

To assign your self Full access permission to mailbox, do this from Exchange 2007 management console on the server:

Expand Recipient Configuration > Mailboxes < then right clik the Mailbox you need to have access to and the select Manage Full access  permission

Add your user account and then select Manage

Check link http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa996343(EXCHG.80).aspx
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QGSmithAuthor Commented:
I am sorry maybe I should've given more detail. The mail boxes belong to consultants who do work for various companies. Some will be Exchange whilst others will be POP3. I would like to add them to one account as separate inboxes. I know this to be possible with outlook 2010 but is it in 2007?
You can add POP3 or Exchange Additonal mailboxes withing the same outlook mailbox you have.

It depends what you want, same procedure Tools < email accounts

then you do change if you want to add additonal mailboxes to your exisiting exchange

or click add and select POP3 ...etc

Any why, I do not think you will be able to connect to exchange server other than locally hosted in your organization

In general, outlook 2007 and outlook 2010 should have the same/similar features. Only in 2010, there is couple of new features that will work with exchange 2010 by derfault where in outlook 2007 you need to enable it to make it work. For example mail tips...etc

QGSmithAuthor Commented:
I managed to figure out how to get the result I wanted. Thank you both for trying to help. For those who may want to do something simular i have listed the method below. Before proceeding please note that this method allows for Multiple Mailboxes (Exchange, POP3 ect) in the same Account whilst allowing each mailbox its sub folders such "Inbox", "Sent Items" ect

1. Open Outlook 2007
2. Click the "Tools" Tab
3. "Account Settings"
4. Click the "Data files" tab
5. Add
6. "Office Outlook Personal Folder (.pst)" then "ok"
7. Give the file a name, saving as a .pst and click "ok." (This will create a .pst file for the account)
8. A tab will open where you can change the name then click "ok" (This is where you can lable your mailbox such as "personal", "Home" and "Work")
9. Click the "E-mail" Tab, here you can add the second e-mail account if you have not yet done so
10. Once the new account has been added, click on it (Highlighting it) then click "change folder" at the bottom right of the window.
11. "New outlook Data File"
12. "Office Outlook Personal File (.pst)
13. "Ok"
14. Choose the name of the .pst created
15. Click "Ok" twice
16. "Close"
QGSmithAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for QGSmith's comment http:/Q_27376782.html#36910822

for the following reason:

Found my own solution after playing around. Posted this method to allow others in the same predicament to solve their problem.
Hi QGSmith,

Before closing this question. This is what you are telling is not mailboxes.

This is archived PST files so the question title can not be used to help other users. In your question, you have asked to add mailboxes (live one) where you can see other mailboxes from your outlook

This procedure is just to create personal archives where you can label it what you want. There is nothing on this about POP3 or Exchange.

Kinbdly reward the points to both os us or change the question title to something like "adding personal data file into outlook" and then close the question
QGSmithAuthor Commented:
Hi Fireline1082
I believe my initial question has been asked correctly and if one were to follow the steps I have taken above one would find that it is irrelevant waether the mailboxes are pop, exchange or imap. My initial question was:
....not how to add multiple mailboxes to outlook 2007 but rather how to enable them to be listed independently as they do in 2010 (Each having its own set of associated folders)?

I do want other people to be able to benefit by choosing the correct answer here and my own steps above does exaclty that. Thanks for the assist anyway.
QGSmithAuthor Commented:
Solution worked perfectly


Any way, This querstion has been closed any way, and does not matter who got rewarded. It is to share the knowledge between members and to make this post useful for other members when they search the site or from Google

Outlook data files are called Personal Folders

However, Mailboxes is the users data which is derived from Mail Server database. So there is a different. So it is just a suggestion to post title to Manage Outlook dat files or personal Folders


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