Lync 2010 Client won't sign in without manual host settings (despite creation of SRV records)

I have had a labourious and difficult experience of getting Lync 2010 server actually working. Having got this far, I now have problems with signing in clients.

I HAVE created the stipulated SRV record, and used nslookup to ensure this is resolving correctly. However, if I try and sign-in via the Lync client, it fails with the following error message:

"Cannot sign in because the server is temporarily unavailable. If the problem continues, please contact the support team."

Another helpful response from MS - I can't find any logging to see exactly what is failing on.

If I manually set the internal and external server names in the Lync client settings (as we're actually only using this internally) to the FQDN ( of the Lync Server, then everything seems to log in fine....

My setup is just a single Standard Edition server. I want to use the Group Chat role add-on, which is installed and also won't work (the group version of the client won't sign in either), but the problem was evident before all this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - perhaps there is an additional SRV record to the one I've created. Details of the SRV record I've created are:

Service:        _sipinternaltls
Protocol:       _tcp
Priority:         0
Weight:         0
Port Number: 5061

For the hell of it, I also created a legacy record as mentioned on one site, with SRV record _sipinternal on port 5060, with all the same host details, etc.

I really hope someone can help as this is driving me mad - thoughts greatly appreciated.


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djjackfrwmmlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lync uses multiple DNS records for Auto-Configuration, but most of these are really for external users.  Just to make sure... should point to your FE pool or Director Pool.

What about certs.  If the certs are wrong it will give you an error, granted not that one but you may want to make sure those are good as well.

Lastly the logs...  The logs on the server end can be found in event viewer.  For the clients, go into Lync and enable logging under the general section of Lync Options.  The logs can be found under the user profile--> Tracing

also make sure your simple URL's are correct:

Also check these out:
Is this just for internal users?
bluemercuryAuthor Commented:
Yes - at present I am not attempting anything externally, so no need for SRV records at public DNS site, etc.....

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bluemercuryAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for coming back. You've provided a key bit of info that has lead me to at least getting the client to automatically work internally now.

The SRV records were all correct, and the certs seem to be good (I've been using a trusted certificate server on our internal domain, as we don't need external access, and this all looked good for ages).

Somehow I must have repetitively looked past the logging option I wanted in the client, After following your instructions to there, I was delighted to see not only the option for logging, but also the option to put the logs in the event viewer, which is what I wanted ideally and worked. As soon as I did this, I could see a series of errors there, and one was a failure to find the host record With this record added to the DNS server, and the local DNS cache on the workstation cleared, it signed in within seconds. It amazes me that no documentation I have seen says you need to make this host record; all MS stuff just said the SRV record was all that was needed (I've just checked their Lync deployment guide for my own sanity....).

So thank you very much! I can't believe I missed such a logging option, I'll blame it on too many sleep deprived nights. There may be a few more details to add to this entry here, but I'm awarding you the points with gratitude now.

Many, many thanks.

bluemercuryAuthor Commented:
As an additional thought (I think I will probably have to open a new question for this), do you know how to turn on logging in the 'Group Chat' client, or indeed the 'Group Chat Admin' client? There seems to be no option for this, and despite having this add-on fundementally setup, I've no way of knowing why log on is failing.

Many thanks :)
That I do not know. Try this though:

But glad we got everything else working!
bluemercuryAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for that link. I was able to enable logging from that guide. It didn't help me much (too much undecipherable info), and in the end I restored an old Snapshot of my server VM, and started installing Group Chat from scratch. It now appears to be working, with the exception of file uploads, which I've opened another post to try and get help.

Many thanks for your input and thoughts - they have been greatly appreciated, and you've been an enormous help :)


no worries.  Good Luck!
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