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I am a web developer building a xmas promotion micro-site.  I need to procure a server and need some advice calculating the hardware requirements please.

The site will be a mobile website, each page will be max 300kb, and there will be around 5-6 pages in total, with probably 4 pages in any single user journey.  The 300kb will comprise of around 220kb in framework code (potential for caching after first visit) and the rest made up of individual page resources.

We expect to have between 2000 and 10,000 unique visits per day (10,000 being a burst peak number, 2000 being what we expect our average to be).

The server will run php, mysql and apache web server running on Red Hat Linux.

Server-side, the app will need to capture a small amount of information into 2 db tables at the end of each user journey, and query the same tables once per journey.

Can anyone please give me advice on the minimum processor/memory capabilities that I would need to safely run this promotion?

We will be using a Rackspace dedicated server.  And the site will run under SSL.

Thanks  in advance..

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Barry JonesAsked:
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In reality you could get away with a minimum spec dedicated server, with an option to upgrade the memory if required, as a 2k average is not huge, far from it in reality, the deciding factor is are you expecting the timeframe you are expecting the hits. Is it during particular time period, or expected to be over 12-16 hours.

I have a dedicated server from 1 & 1(minimum spec) with 15 domains on it not all high traffic but looking at webalizer the sites between them get around 100k hits a day, around 70% of the hits are between 3pm and 11pm GMT and have never had anyone complain about speed/lag etc.

My server specs are

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+,
2GB ram,
150gb disk
Barry JonesAuthor Commented:
Hi maeltar, thanks for your response.

So it sounds like the server I am looking at will have more than enough juice: (Bronze)

Thanks.. TheFoot
You're welcome..

Yes that certainly will cover your needs, and then some, so you will have scalability..

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