Microsoft Clustering & MS Exchange

Hi All,

I currently have MS Exchange 2007 SP1 in a clustered enviroment.

I have been asked to investigate the feasibilty of moving one the nodes to a remote location, but there are several concerns:

1) The heartbeat is local LAN connection
2) Latency between HQ & Remote Site (Remote site is high avaliabilty)

Obviously the heartbeat will need to be changed so runs over the remote link but my clustering knowledge is not at a high level and I wanted expert opinion.

So long as I have a backup server it does not have to be clustered... what other tools are there?

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SOrry what is the question ?

if you have your exchange 2007 running on windows 2008 then yes you can move the node to another site there is no issue about that
techmissAuthor Commented:
Sorry if I was not clear.

Servers are Windows 2003R2.

The question from above is mostly about latency, is it good practice to have the clusters heartbeat running across a leased line - is no heartbeat and manual failover a better idea?

Apologies again if I am unclear!

windows 2003 does not support clustering when nodes are different subnets

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techmissAuthor Commented:
Right well that answers one question, thanks.

All that remains is to ask whether a cluster node can be virtual (hosted by VM Ware)?

yes no problem you can virtualize one or both nodes
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