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C# ASP.NET ECommerce and Payment Module

Hello Experts,

I am a seasoned Analyst Programmer/Developer. I have worked on various complex systems writing solutions in Access using VBA and other Microsoft technologies for many clients.

However, due to trends in demand for ecommerce websites and having obtained an opportunity to develop a website that will sell products online - I am inclined to make a move onto website development using C# for ASP.NET.

Im do have access to many tutorials that will teach me the basics of C# and ASP.NET

Trouble is, I do not know where to get tutorials that will show me or guide me on how to develop a module whereby a potential buyer will click on the products that he/she wants to buy, how to program the website to keep track of what is bought and a total price of all that is bought and how to connect to a payment system where the buyer can pay securely and the seller can receive his payment without any trouble and with security.

Also, Im considering to design a Content Management System. Any pointers to tutorials that will show me how to design and program a CMS will also be helpful.

Im quite excited at this learning curve and taking this step to internet and web programming. Your help will certainly be most appreciated.

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