Dell Lattitude Z Hard Drive Swap

Does anyone know where i can find a step by step doc that details how to change a hard drive in a Dell Lattitude Z?
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I was able to find this.

The Dell Latitude Z-series laptop is a laptop with a top-of-the-line LCD display. It also comes with a SSD (solid state drive) hard disk drive. These drives use a different cable to connect to the motherboard than a standard hard drive. This allows for data to be transferred to and from the hard drive faster than a standard drive. The good news is that replacing a SSD on your latitude is just as quick as it is on many other laptops.
 Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need
 Phillips screwdriver

 1 Turn off your Latitude and unplug the power cable. Close the LCD screen and turn the unit upside down.

 2 Unplug the battery pack from its port on the bottom of the computer.

 3 Locate the hard drive compartment on the bottom of the computer. On most Z-series Latitudes, this will be the largest of the upgrade compartments on the bottom of the computer.

 4 Remove the screw holding the compartment cover in place and remove the compartment cover to expose the SSD drive.

 5 Unplug the SSD from its port and slide it out of the compartment.

 6 Fit a new SSD drive in the compartment and replace the compartment cover and screw.

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