In the past I have been able to use the arrange documents button in the tool bar to display two different images in the workspace.  As you can see in the attached snapshot, I have loaded two images and when I click or roll over the arrange document button, those features are greyed out.

I tried reloading the software and I still have the problem.  I am using CS4.  Can someone help
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akbiro could you be mistaken documents is not the same as images.
You are in PS mode not Bridge
Click the File Menue and select Browse in Bridge
Adobe Bridge CS4 Quick Tour

Reconfigure the Tools panel
You can display the tools in the Tools panel in a single column, or side by side in two columns. (This feature is not available in the Tools panel in Fireworks and Flash.)
In InDesign and InCopy, you also can switch from single-column to double-column (or single-row) display by setting an option in Interface preferences.
Click the double arrow at the top of the Tools panel.

Are you on a new computer? With an nVidia graphics card? This looks at first glance to be an nVidia display issue that Adobe has never fixed with Cs4. You would also notice other side-effects, such as your panels sometimes losing their drag bar, and your brush cursor being cut off at really large sizes.

If this is your issue, all you can do is update to the latest nVidia drivers, update Cs4 as much as possible, and pray for another fix from nVidia.
If it's not a graphics driver issue, then you should at least consider using the Window > Arrange menu and do the same thing that you were attempting to do with the panel pull down.
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akbiroAuthor Commented:
None of this solves it.  This used to work perfectly.  I think the software is corrupted, and I reinstalled it from my DVD and it still does not work.  I guess I will have to uninstall it again and then reinstall it.  I have been looking for a phone number to call Adobe...there should be some help there...this software ain't cheap!  Thanks!
Yeah, good luck calling adobe!

So use "Window > Arrange > Float All In Windows"

Now, try to see whether those panels light up.

Once you've floated all in windows, you can then use the arrange panel to tile your windows. Then you can synchronize their scroll and zoom. That's how you get that nice side-by-side comparison.

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David BruggeCommented:
Hi akbiro!

The phone number for Adobe product support is:
Monday–Friday, 5am–7pm PST

In the past, Adobe has been highly criticized for not providing competent customer support. If you don't get the help that you need, let us know.

On another note, it is very rare that an installation of Adobe software goes bad in such a way that affects behavior. Usually it causes a total shutdown of the product.

HOWEVER, quite often the preferences file gets corrupted and this causes all kinds of bizarre behavior with tools, panels, etc. Uninstalling and reinstalling the software does not replace the preferences file. But there is a much easier way to rebuild the file.

Simply restart Photoshop and immediately hold down the Shift+Ctrl+Alt (Win) / Shift+Command+Option (Mac). A window will pop up asking if you want to Delete the Photoshop Settings File. Click Yes.
Photoshop will create a whole new preference file for you.

This is a handy trick to keep in mind. It might not solve this particular problem, but it is better than reinstalling.
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