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Remote Domain Controller or Site-to-Site VPN or Both?

We have begun hosting some of our software with a remote vendor.  We now access this software via  RDP (RDS) and via RDP have access to our mapped drives and network printers via RDS services.  One of our newly hosted software products also requires local access to Outlook, which requires us to install Outlook at the hosted site as well as locally.  We were wondering whether the installation of a remote domain controller and/or a site-to-site VPN might allow us to have direct access to mapped drives and printers (instead of the RDP re-direct), direct access to local network machines and shares and allow us to open a single instance of Outlook.  The remote site is AD 2008 and we are currently AD 2003, but realize we will need to move to 2008 soon anyway,  Any thoughts and suggestion are considered valuable.

Thank you.

Ned Forster
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