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Failed Backup to WHS 2011

I have recently reinstalled WHS 2011 after a strange problem telling me that the evaluation (wasn't an evaluation but WHS 2011) copy of Server 2008 had expired.  I then installed a newly downloaded copy from tech net and used a new tech net key.  Anyway, after reinstalling and installing all updates, I am unable to backup my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 computer to WHS because I keep getting the message that there is insufficient storage available for backup. The message says backup cannot save a snapshot of the volumes on the computer because the computer does not have enough storage space available.  Only the system reserved and C: (system) drives are selected for backup.  I have emptied the recycle bin and have 52 gigs of 117 free on the SSD (C:) which contains the system reserved and system, then 1.7 tb and 1.9 tb free on the auxillary drives (E and F).  On the error resolution page there is a suggestion to delete and re-create the shadow copy but I'm not familiar with doing that.  BTW, CHKDSK finds no errors on the C: drive.  What to do?  Thanks.
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