Failed Backup to WHS 2011

I have recently reinstalled WHS 2011 after a strange problem telling me that the evaluation (wasn't an evaluation but WHS 2011) copy of Server 2008 had expired.  I then installed a newly downloaded copy from tech net and used a new tech net key.  Anyway, after reinstalling and installing all updates, I am unable to backup my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 computer to WHS because I keep getting the message that there is insufficient storage available for backup. The message says backup cannot save a snapshot of the volumes on the computer because the computer does not have enough storage space available.  Only the system reserved and C: (system) drives are selected for backup.  I have emptied the recycle bin and have 52 gigs of 117 free on the SSD (C:) which contains the system reserved and system, then 1.7 tb and 1.9 tb free on the auxillary drives (E and F).  On the error resolution page there is a suggestion to delete and re-create the shadow copy but I'm not familiar with doing that.  BTW, CHKDSK finds no errors on the C: drive.  What to do?  Thanks.
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Messages like that are as explicit as they can get.
'insufficient storage available for backup' means exactly what it says.
So the options are these:
Check if your designated backup drive has enough space. Bear in mind that it usually eats
up from 30 to 50 GB. Also make sure system restore is not eating space too.
try disk defragmenter.. It usually orders the disk properly.
try designating another drive with sufficient space for backup.
If you do not have enough space on your Pc for the system to make a snapshot
(which means your working drive must have at least 50 GB extra space) then you wont make it.
Snapshot gets created on the fly and it requires space! It gets created on C so there you absolutely must have enough space.
ermooneyAuthor Commented:
Hi.  The error message has changed since I uninstalled and reinstalled the WHS connector.  It now says "An unknown error prevented backup from completing successfully."  There are only three system restore points and the server has plenty (1256.1 GB) of disk space available.  The system SSD has 57 GB free.  I wonder if that's enough.  Can't figure out the problem but I just fixed a spontaneous BSOD by uninstalling the Marvell miniport driver which was referenced on the blue screen.  Any other suggestions will be appreciated.
'57 GB free' - hard to tell.Dependso on size of the backup. Try turning off system restore.
You can also delete these 3 restore points.See how it goes ...

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ermooneyAuthor Commented:
Hi.  The problem turned out to be some bad clusters on the SSD.  I also opened up the case and firmed up the SATA connectors in case they had gotten loose.  After fixing the bad clusters, the backup went smoothly.  Thanks for the suggestions.
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