CRM 4.0 "Set Your Default Page" options missing after installing the Outlook Client for CRM

After installing the Outlook Client for CRM (4.0) the Tools, Options "Set Your Defaul Page" is gone and replaced with "Select Which Form to Use" check boxes.  The users need to be able to change their default page at any time.  How can this be enabled once again without uninstalling the Outlook Client?  

A CRM Developer did fix this on one other occassion but he is not gone and it was not documented.

Screenshot below Form options instead of Default View options
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Feridun KadirConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
Have you checked what you see in Personal Options if Outlook is closed and you browse to CRM in Internet Explorer?
Sorry, i think you're going to need a full manual uninstall and reinstall.

Try following this guide
jrogersokAuthor Commented:
I'll check when Outlook is closed and get back to you all.  I know we had this issue before and were able to fix it without uninstalling and reinstalling

jrogersokAuthor Commented:
You were right -- when Outlook is closed it give the option to set the home entity.  Thanks!
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