What is the current industry standard (cost effective) parttion resizing tool.

I appreciate  the subjective nature of this question but here goes:

I have a Win 2003 server with pitiful 18Gb for the O/S and 400Gb of unused space (not my fault!). It is a mission critical server and I need to resize the partition WITHOUT being able to get on site. It is in a remote location so everything has to be done via RDP.

I am looking for a good tool to do this resize without spending a fortune on a tool that we may only use this once.

Suggestions, comments and feedback from real world experience is welcomed because I simply don't trust the manufacturers wild claims about functionality - I'm too long in the tooth to be taken in by sales spiel!
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Curious why you need to expand the OS drive, the applications would be better on the 400GB space leaving you 18Gb for OS patching, and AV

The biggest problem I have had is when I used Partiton Magic, it works and I was able to repartion the space, however when I started using the drivespace, after a couple weeks  I had to rebuild the OS drives, perhaps my error, unknown.
I would suggest, that if OS drive space is critical, or getting low enough that it warrants expansion, that a planned on-site visit may be a better solution.
splantonAuthor Commented:
Unfortunatly the twit who set up the server thought better to fill the 18Gb with the O/S, SQL server and .NET updates and that leaves me with pretty much no room for manouvre. In an ideal world I would spend a few hours uninstalling his mess and re-installing to the spare space. Unfortunatly no one is going to sign off my time to spend a day 'preventing' possible space issues. As you are probably aware users only want to spend money WHEN something goes wrong.

However, if I can find a partition tool that works, buys me some time and stops me getting 'one of those phone calls' that means I am expected to drop everything an jump - then all well and good. Call it a fudge, call it a sticking plaster, call it what you will but I have very little choice right now. :)
Ouch, not good. I haven't tried any of the replacements as I used Partiton Magic, I don't think its offered anymore :( Norton bought it awhile back, and discontinued it. May be worth checking the local PC stores to see if they have a copy. It was under $200 if I recall.
By chance is the drive dynamic? I suspect its basic, which wont help. Dynamic would be great.

Sorry can't be more help.
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Paragon Partition Manager 11 Server Edition www.partition-manager.com
I assume you want to take space from adjacent partition and allocate it to C: drive, am I right?
Partition Manager 11 will do that without restart.
If you manage to take a screen shot of Windows Disk Management from server in question then I would give you more precise guidance.
splantonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. You are correct I need to take an adjacent partition and reallocate the space to teh boot partition. Do you have practical experience of this product?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Yes for sure. More than 5 years. Always worked as I wanted. Give me screen shot I asked for.

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splantonAuthor Commented:
Purchased, installed and working. Brilliant :)
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