Resize partitions on Basic Disk

Want some additional space for the c drive by reizing partion and using available space I have on d drive that is  on a basic raid disk volume. What is the best method to increase c space by taking away empty space on d partition without changing hardware and reinstalling?

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Joseph DalyCommented:
Unfortunately in windows server 2003 this functionality is not supported. You can extend other volumes but you are not allowed to extend a system volume.

You may be able to use some imaging software like acronis to backup and restore an image of the server but natively this is not a supported operation.

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Another wrinkle .... does your RAID present two separate IDs to the BIOS?  If so, then unless you have a rather expensive RAID controller, you'll have to blow away all your data and rebuild the RAID differently.   That is because you don't have two different partitions of the same logical drive, you have two logical drives.

As noted you can't do this out of the box with 2k3.  ANd don't covert them to dynamic thinking that will help.  You need to use a 3rd party tool..i've done this with acronis partition expert on a few different servers after adding additional drives etc.  Just a reboot will be required.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You can use tool such as Paragon Partition Manager 11 Server Edition which is designed exactly for the cases like yours.
It includes backup feature also so you can take backup before running resize.
Image the Server first using Acronis Echo Enterprise Server
Deploy the image of the server to a workstation, using universal restore to check if you have everything safe
then experiment in the primary machine
Feel free to delete and create new partitions as u like :)
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Windows Server 2003

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