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home directory is not created when i create a user (linux)


i am trying tocreate a user but the home directory is not created even when i do

useradd -d /home/user1 user1
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Your use of the -d flag is the issue
man useradd
Quoted from the man pages:
" -d, --home HOME_DIR
          The new user will be created using HOME_DIR as the value for the
          userâs login directory. The default is to append the LOGIN name to
          BASE_DIR and use that as the login directory name. The directory
          HOME_DIR does not have to exist but will not be created if it is
If you must use -d you must then use the -m option to have the directory created.

useradd -D
Will show you the default settings for user addition.
useradd user1
will add user1 and create based on the default settings.
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My answer pointed out the exact same thing.
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yeah you right bro, I should have splitted the points. Sorry about that. Thanx for your help anyway