How do I reduce the page fullness on Indexes?

I have a database with a table that has an index that has a Page Fullness of 94.12 %. I don't really understand what that means but I keep having issues with this table and it times out at random times during the day. Could this be the cause and if so how do I reduce this number? I tired Rebuild and Reorganize but it does not change. I am using Microsoft SQL Server Management Tools 2008 R2.

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David KrollCommented:
Do you have proper indexes on the table?
Daniel WilsonCommented:
Do you do inserts or updates on this table that would be changing what's in that index?

For example, if your index is on an Identity (autonumber) field, changes to the table or additions to it really won't cause index re-organization.  If the index is on ZipCode ... additional records could definitely fill up some index pages.  Or changes to the ZipCode field could do the same.

And the queries that are timing out ... are they update or insert queries?

Basically, my thought is that index pages filling up is not often the cause of a performance problem, so it's better to make sure we're chasing the right problem before we continue the chase.
seanlhallAuthor Commented:
I have one index for my tblsubject. The PK is subjectId. The index was set to unique not Primary Key. I changed it to Primary Key and things are working now. Are the indexes created automatically?
David KrollCommented:
No, you have to assign the PK.

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seanlhallAuthor Commented:
This was part of my problem. Thanks.
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