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Copy worksheet - lots of names already exist

Have a macro that makes copies of worksheets, something like a base worksheet copied for several regions. The worksheet is copied and renamed in a macro. Essentially
Copy Base Sheet (new name is something like "Base1"
Rename Base1 to Region1
Repeat for other regions

When the copy worksheet executes I get about 60 "A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name '<lots of wierd names>' which already exists on the destination worksheet.

I do not see any of these names in the Name Manager.

____thinkcellM0YAAAAAAAAAAA9 (it goes on with random-looking stuff
Several other thinkcell names
Several others containing 123Graph

These name warning/errors occur executing this statement:
    Sheets(sSourceSheet).Copy after:=Sheets(asAfterSheet)

Really odd, these same errors occur copying different source sheets. That is, I can copy any of several different sheets in the workbook and get the same bunch of name errors.

What are these names, and how do I get rid of them?

Microsoft Excel

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The names must be there somewhere! If you could post the spreadsheet with the macros and the base sheet we may be able to track them down.
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hi guys,

It looks like Zorvek has gone to a lot of effort to give a detailed answer, but since his code has similar functionality to some of the options included in JKP's Name Manager I thought it worth providing a link to an alternative "finished product". The JKP Name Manager is a very useful and free excel addin, collaboratively created by Jan Karel Pieterse (JKP), Charles Williams, (www.decisionmodels.com) and Matthew Henson (mhenson@mac.com) and can be downloaded from: http://www.jkp-ads.com/OfficeMarketPlaceNM-EN.asp?AllComments=True

I use it in my work almost every day and it is regularly updated as bugs or optimisations are identified so I occasionally compare the latest Build number on the website (currently it is #630) with the version on my machine.

I think JKP's Name Manager will do everything you want in one tidy package. For example...
- It allows you to view hidden names in a dialogbox without changing the visible property in excel (a slight difference to Zorvek's "ShowNames"), and is thus useful for preventing unintended deletion/changes which may occur through the normal [alt + i + n + d] interface if all names were set to visible.
- you can filter for "names containing..."
- you can delete selected names via the addin's popup
- you can filter for names with external references
- etcetc

Of course, just as with Kevin's suggestion, it would be best to do a test run of any changes on a copy of your workbook.

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Great information, clear explanation. Thanks
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