Creating a Web App using BizTalk 2010

I'm fairly new to BizTalk and just written my first code using an online tutorial which processes an XML request (dropped into UNC share) and based on some process/rules generates some XML output (on another UNC share). Works nicely!

Next up I want to try something which is initiated by a user (or interacted with in some way).

I have successfully WCF and Web Publishing wizards but would like to know if i can take it a step further and actually present a web form/app? (without re-inventing the wheel so to speak and start from scratch writing an application to consume the service)

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
It works with sharepoint so the answer is yes.. How I'm not sure, but the video on the biztalk homepage shows a nice app
Jesse HouwingScrum Trainer | Microsoft MVP | ALM Ranger | ConsultantCommented:
Biztalk has nothing to do with WebApps, it just exposes services. You can use any web application platform that supports connecting to those services, and in case of WCF, the easiest solution would be an ASP.NET web application.

Fire up Visual Studio, create a new Web Application (you can choose a standard ASP.NET website or an ASP.NET MVC website, whichever you prefer. In your website project rightclick the project node in the solution explorer and choose Add Service Reference. If your service is running, chances are high it will be listed right in the screen. If it isn't type in the full WSDL address for your service, in case of WCF, this defaults to http://[yourhost]/[yourservice].svc?wsdl

If you haven't exposed a wsdl endpoint from BizTalk, you can create a service reference from a copy of the wsdl and xsd files on disk. You can use svcutil to generate the client code for you.

Give it a logical name, check the Enable Databinding box and you're all set to build your website against your webservice reference.

As I said earlier, you can use just about any other web technology if you'd want. WCF services can be configured to support just about any serialization format and authenticationscheme you can think of. If needed it even supports deep customization. But normally you won't even have to dig deep into those subjects, as the standard configuration usually just works.

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BizTalk is intended to integrate between applications so it doesn't provide an interface that end users would connect to. The previous two suggestions of integrating with Sharepoint or a custom application would be the most common, but if you have InfoPath you may be able to get a quick demo working with that more quickly.
tickettAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I think i've decided against BizTalk now.
You can also try some other open source workflow system, that will give you more flexibility.
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