IE Explorer 8.0 - Won't Open Link

Ok, I'm trying this post again.  I've got one PC where the user clicks on a specific link on our company intranet.  The link is a link to a folder out on our fileserver drive.  This folder has all PDF files inside of it.  The user should be able to click on the link and the folder should open up and show all the PDF's inside where the user can then select one to open, copy, etc.  When this user clicks on it, nothing happens.  Just sits there.  Doesn't time out, no errors that I can see.  When I logon to the user's station, I can access the link no problem through IE 8.0.  Have set IE back to all defaults when installed.   She has explicit rights to the fileserver server folder, although she shouldn't even need that.  Cache and history fully deleted.  Not sure where to go on this one.  Last post wanted me to uninstall and reinstall IE 8.0.  Doesn't work.  There is something else in the mix here which is preventing her.  User can go to another station and it works fine.  Plus, she has a mapped drive to the fileserver and can navigate to the same folder with no issues.  Loaded Firefox, same exact problem.  
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Kris MontgomeryCommented:

Can the user right-click and save file to her local machine?  Does the file open from the local computer after saving it this way?

The solution I have used before was to re-install Adobe Reader.  It was the plugin causing the issue.

Good luck!
akdreamingAuthor Commented:
The link is a link to a fileserver folder.  Not a specific PDF.  What should happen is a new Windows explorer window should launch and show the user a list of about 45 PDF files.  If she could get the window to launch and show her all the PDF's in it, I'm sure she could launch one of them at that point.  But as I said, she isn't even getting to the point where she could see any of the PDFs.
akdreamingAuthor Commented:
I've included a screen shot of what the user sees "BEFORE" clicking on the link.
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Kris MontgomeryCommented:
Have you added the site as a trusted site?  Change the

Can you copy and paste that address into the browser window and access the location?


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akdreamingAuthor Commented:
Well, adding the entire intranet domain (http://a-net.nsfcu.local) as a trusted site seemed to do the trick.  Very odd.  Why would I have to add an internal (internal within our LAN) as a trusted site for this user?  Other users don't have this setting in place.
akdreamingAuthor Commented:
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Solid response.  It worked and that is what I like.  Thanks a lot for your help.  Don't necessarily understand why since the link is internal to our LAN domain, but it works.  I can live with that!
akdreamingAuthor Commented:
I meant to select Mug's response.  Am cancelling this Solution Acceptance.  
akdreamingAuthor Commented:
I selected my own comment as the solution, which was incorrect.  I"m trying to cancel my actions and select Mug's.
akdreamingAuthor Commented:
I added the entire intranet domain as a trusted site.  This worked.  Thanks for your response.  Not sure though why I would have to add an internal link to our local INtranet as a trusted site for it to work.
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